New Episode Under Construction

Slight hiccup in development. I may release it in 2 parts. Either way, something will be out this week.


I hate it.

Coming face-to-face with your personality quirks only gets harder with age. Once the battles start slowing down, each one gets spaced farther and farther apart, and is more strenuous than the last.

This is why old people get set in their ways: They get set in a role that has worked well enough for long enough, get tired of fighting, and get crotchety at all the change they ignored or failed to comprehend.

At 25, I’m finally learning how to commit to something, consistently, and not burn myself out.

I built a bed once, at Age 18. Worked from 9AM until 2AM that day, because I had a burst of inspiration and knew for a fact that if I didn’t get it done that day, it would never get done.

At Age 23, I started building an RPG at my leisure. It took nearly two years, but it got done.

At Age 25, I started promising people things.

Garth Brooks is going back on tour soon. He’s a country music prodigy; only he can do what he does. Nobody can stop Garth Brooks except Garth Brooks.

In a similar vein, only I can complete DtD. I am my only, yet fiercest, obstacle.

New episode is up!

This took much longer than it should have. I’ve been getting distracted all day. It seems like whenever I want to get something done, the quality of content coming through Tumblr and my normal forums goes up exponentially, and I get seriously unfocused. Oh well.

Time to review people’s lines and get to work on the next one.

Been a fast two weeks. New episode tomorrow. It’s gonna be a short one, but that’s because the next one’s gonna clock in at just under ten minutes. The party goes through the woods, and I want to show that in full. I may experiment with breaking up later dungeons.

It’ll be worth it, I promise.


Lefuulei (voice of Bar Bunny/Twinkle) came over a while back to record her lines. There’s plenty more where this came from. I’m gonna space it out since she shows up later, too. Can you tell we’ve known each other for a long time?

Deldris, who typed up the script for me, is a fiendish troll. The script is 53 pages, but the first page simply consists of

The Official Defeat The Darkness Script That Cody Was Too Lazy To Write As He Made The Fucking Game

In large fucking font.

Practice Your Craft

I once heard that every day you don’t play piano is 3 days of skill lost.

In the anime Princess Tutu, Mr. Cat says something similar when teaching ballet to his pupils:

"Take a day off of ballet and you will know.

Take a week off of ballet and your peers will know.

Take a month off of ballet and your audience will know.”

Ever since leaving my second job (trivia host), I have not gotten my typical voice acting or singing practice. I no longer annunciate trivia questions or sing along to the playlist I bring. One month off of that, and I am not doing enough with my voice to keep it strong. The gravel of the Lilac voice started creeping into my normal voice, and cut a few notes off the top of my singing range.

Needless to say, I am very dissapointed in myself.

Once you hit a certain skill level, constant practice is required to stay sharp. You’ll never forget how to ride a bike, or your first few guitar chords, but if you don’t do either for a year be prepared to be really fucking tired after reliving that experience.

Five years from now, I’m going to boot up some of my favorite video games, and I’m going to suck at them, because I had to replace the time I spent playing them with something productive.

I hope it will have been worth it.

Did the plot just kick into medium gear? You bet your ass it did.

I’m not gonna hide it. I’ve been lazy today. New episode tomorrow.


Wrapping up the King’s lines. Still havin’ fun

And when Cody makes a loud proclamation, he follows through. That’s why he loudly proclaims things only a few times a year.

You all get to meet Princess Lilac now, and this is when the adventure starts to deviate from the ‘official’ plot. Next episode will be when everyone gets to know each other… Oh, and you’ll meet the villain, too.