Newest episode is up. Apologies for the delay. Maybe I wasn’t feeling motivated to make it because it’s one of the most ‘dramatic’ scenes in the whole production, and I felt bad whenever I thought about it. Oh well. I don’t pay myself to do comedies all the time. Hell, I don’t pay myself at all.

Definitely noting that for the future, though: I’m not near as stoic as I thought. That’s actually kind of a good thing.

The One Thing I Did Right

I seem to be the only one upset about my delaying of this coming episode, and I suppose that’s a good thing. To all you aspiring control freaks, here’s the one thing I would do, for each project, without fail:

  • 1. Finish the game

With a finished game comes a finished script, which can then be sent out to the actors to make their jobs go as smoothly as possible. I had several minor characters deliver all 30-ish of their lines back in May. Anytime you launch a project, at least have a full script. By doing so, you save yourself from second-guessing it later and thinking about what would’ve worked better earlier on, when parts are already completed (or worse, published). Just blast through it. If you go all Chinese Democracy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_democracy) and keep trying to tweak your project, it’ll never see the light of day. If you’re reading this, you’re likely an amatuer like me. Do you truly have the wisdom and forethought to know when to quit while you’re ahead?

Also, by finishing the game, there’s no second-guessing the composure of each scene. I did all of them months (if not over a year) ago. They’re set in stone. It’s all spell-checked. I don’t have to fret over that shit. Just record and chop. If I were trying to code, while trying to write, while trying to act, while trying to edit, while trying to live a life that afforded me social outings, a job, and sleep, I would’ve died from exhaustion. Or I would’ve made the series three times shorter and twice as awful.

Hollywood doesn’t buy ‘ideas,’ they buy ‘scripts.’ A script proves you can go the distance with an idea and flesh it out, saving the entire rest of the crew a lot of nightmares.

If you wanna try going the distance, National Novel Writing Month is starting back up in November. Don’t have a novel idea? Keep a diary and call it a fictionalization. Not creative? Write the word ‘fart’ 50,000 times. Even if that’s all you end up typing, you still wrote 50,000 words, and proved you can finish what you start.

Good luck.


I was at Adam’s a while back, doing the lines for the next episode. He was in the other room Facebooking or whatever and I was testing the mic gain. This is the result.


So like, when you don’t do a thing because you’re not good at it, you’re actually supposed to be doing that thing so you become good at it.

Don’t let your incompetence be a crutch.
Do that thing.

"One year from now, you will remember why you started today."
Had that quote on my desktop for a long time, now.

(via choinheap)


Been a real busy last two weeks. Not just hanging with friends, but also helping some of them get their own web ideas off the ground. I’ve kind of been a catalyst of sorts, and have proved this webcasting shit is accessible even to losers like us.

If you wanna check some of it out, Adam and I are doing a Blind Let’s Play of Depths of Fear: Knossos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWz2WoEhNGvtLEoGa9nbDJA

Pixel Moon is another compatriot, and while she’s not in DtD, she’s been doing webcasting long before any of us whackjobs in Washington:


I have a cameo in the Terraria Let’s Plays as the guy who’s sniffling all the time. It was filmed in October. We just finished an LP of Moonbase Alpha (along with Adam and Lefuulei) and at this rate, that will be up in May.

Overfilling my plate has finally started to affect my health, and this means that two of the series’ voices (Mine and Lilac’s) will be out of the picture for a little while. I’ll be working on backend stuff in the meantime: recording more gameplay footage, chopping up submitted lines, and putting in better credits. My credit roll is cute, but it’s 2014; we can hyperlink now. I’m going to try and credit everyone with links to more of their work in the video descriptions. I’ve gotten to some of the actors already, but if you’re reading this and didn’t get an e-mail, contact me with your preferred method of plugging.

Speaking of which, if you liked Dark Dagon in Episode 06, check out his channel. He’s phenomonal!


We still have shit to do. Cody out.

Well, maybe next time. I want to be ready for next time.

Well, maybe next time. I want to be ready for next time.

*Exciting trumpet music*

This was much less of a bitch to make than I thought it would be. I have to play the battle scenes until I get what I want, and I got this gem first try. Also, my timing with the walking and text boxes is much better than it was before. I’ve heard more than one complaint about the text boxes lingering after lines. Still no master, but getting better.

New Episode Tonight

Unless my house gets invaded by ninjas or something

New Episode Under Construction

Slight hiccup in development. I may release it in 2 parts. Either way, something will be out this week.


I hate it.

Coming face-to-face with your personality quirks only gets harder with age. Once the battles start slowing down, each one gets spaced farther and farther apart, and is more strenuous than the last.

This is why old people get set in their ways: They get set in a role that has worked well enough for long enough, get tired of fighting, and get crotchety at all the change they ignored or failed to comprehend.

At 25, I’m finally learning how to commit to something, consistently, and not burn myself out.

I built a bed once, at Age 18. Worked from 9AM until 2AM that day, because I had a burst of inspiration and knew for a fact that if I didn’t get it done that day, it would never get done.

At Age 23, I started building an RPG at my leisure. It took nearly two years, but it got done.

At Age 25, I started promising people things.

Garth Brooks is going back on tour soon. He’s a country music prodigy; only he can do what he does. Nobody can stop Garth Brooks except Garth Brooks.

In a similar vein, only I can complete DtD. I am my only, yet fiercest, obstacle.