Ten More Events Sound-Effected

Bringing us from Exactly Half to a Smidge Over Half (5/8ths). I’ve also been refining the script a little bit, to freshen up the dialogue. Some of this stuff I haven’t really reviewed since the scene was scripted. I’ve gotten notably better since. Ever watch Recess? Gus was the ‘New Kid’: the character they used to ask the questions (“Who’s the King of the Playground?,” etc.). You don’t realize how often characters repeat phrases until you see them mashed together in a Youtube-style remix in your head. It becomes very apparent what role your characters play when you’re blasting through the dialogue to get to other things.

Auditions are looking strong. Will I get an episode out before I turn 25? Probably not. Will finish before I die? Very likely. That’s all I need.

Back to Refining

Nothing caps off a horrendous work month quite like going home to subject yourself to more work.

True to developer spirit, I’ve set up a couple secret Save Points that keep me from having to go through the whole game start-to-finish to test all the switches. Of course I did this after giving my friend a copy of the game so he can type up the script for me. I hope that works out. Typing up the script will be an hours-long process, and although the audition deadline is three weeks away, I still have to plan DtD around everything else in my life, like my friends and my two jobs.

Never Give Up.


This is the Official Defeat the Darkness Tumblr! I am Cody, your host. There’s no pictures in these previous pages, but if you want a half-decent director’s commentary, look no further. Feel free to download Castle Max to get an idea of the type of games I make. (Requires a PS1 emulator and a copy of RPG Maker for PS1).

For those of you interested in the story you’re auditioning for, the current build of DtD can be downloaded here. (Also requires PS1 RPG Maker and emulator). It’s currently a ‘Walk around and Press X’ Simulator, and you might not get healed after every battle/cutscene. I recommend loading the data and running the game in Test Play so you can Exit every battle as opposed to running the risk of death to imbalanced bosses (although losing to Beaumont causes no Game Over, and is part of the plot). There are some missing pieces of music and sound effects, but after coming this far I am confident I can finish putting the garnish on this big vidya steak. Feel free to leave any questions you may have in the Ask Box. I’ll do my best to reply to them promptly.

We’ve got shit to do, folks. Let’s make this happen!



Polishing the audition post right now. Should be up tomorrow. If not, then Sunday. Just needs a couple lines, some references, some image links, and a gallon of elbow grease.

Oh hey a follower

Welcome! Tonight’s special is the Long-Winded Post, with Duck Sauce.

Commitment Issues

All my life, I’ve been like a cat. I’ve never needed too much of anyone’s time or attention, and start to become very cranky when someone demands to see too much of me. This revolves around every aspect of my life. At work, my mind is allowed to wander, and I make good use of it. This extends to personal relationships, too. I had next-door neighbors who wanted to see me after school. I didn’t want to see them. At all. It was nothing against them. They’re great people, but that whole ‘every day’ thing really grates on my nerves. There is no one I wish to see ‘every’ day. Same applied to my girlfriends, too. I frequently need time away from things, no matter what they are. I moved a lot as a kid, before the age of the internet. Maybe that has something to do with it.

For the sake of comparison, RPGMaker says I’ve been working on DtD for roughly 170 hours total. That’s a month at a normal job, stretched over the past 19 months. In that time, I’ve also made skits for this year’s /v/GAs, played roughly 200 hours of TF2, 110 hours of CS:GO, beat Pokemon Y, got 30 Perfects in Rhythm Heaven, and finished two anime series, and started at least 2 others. I love this project deeply, but it’s still only one facet of my life. Now that it’s completion is dawning, I feel like I’ve given birth. You give this project a little time here, a little attention there, and it just grows on you.
It’s my baby.

Does this mean that I’ve learned how to deal with things and people long-term? Hopefully. This might just be a big step into becoming more ‘normal.’

One Scene Left

The Credits.

The final battle is all scripted, minus input from Adam. Scripted as in written AND coded. It still needs the sound effect and BGM calls, but I’m proud of the three hours I worked tonight.

I wanted to do it last night, too, but ended up playing 7 hours of Counter-Strike instead. Coding’s a lot like jogging for me; it takes a lot of will to bring myself to start, but once I get there it flows naturally. What am I afraid of?

I think the climb up the tower and the trip home would be most poignant if I didn’t put any dialogue in it. Leave the actions of the waddling sprites up to the player’s imagination while the credits rolled. I say this because this final scene has been very labor-intensive, and now I give people like George Lucas a little more credit when they take half an hour to wrap up Star Wars Episode 3. You have all these threads, and you want them to end really well, but nothing ever seems good enough. Making my final scene silent may seem like a cop-out, and it damn well could be, but nothing I could possibly type up would match your imagination or my own expectations. It will be a meditative moment for everyone.

Never Give Up

DtD moves another inch forward. Put BGM on at least half the maps, and sound effects on the entire ‘Rescuing Lilac’ sequence. I dare say the first part is entirely done?

The important thing here is focus. The final battle’s halfway done, so all I have left is easy shit. It is VERY easy to get off-track when doing easy shit. Why? It’s fucking easy. Ever worked an easy job? You stop caring, right? Your brain shuts down and goes “Oh, that won’t take any effort or time. I can handle that later.” You can, but you won’t without some discipline. I’m running out of time, here.

I feel like my creative future hinges on this project. I have several other ideas in the wings, but all of them are at least as complicated as this one. If I can’t follow through after 160 hours, with maybe another 25 to go, those other projects are as good as dead in the water, too. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

Drawing a blank

After another long break, Defeat the Darkness inches forward. I have to put in an extra scene, because cutting to world map with Jethro/Lilac in the party would display them instead of the normal party. I could alter Jethro’s graphic to look like Adam, but since the player, theoretically, could use the world map to go to any location, I’d rather just move to another party-centric scene instead of preparing every single map for a switch-specific party change.

The extra scene is important, though, because the ‘game’ is nearly over and Milia and Adam have had basically no meaningful dialogue. Therefore, while I’m helping our new friend Kay discover her magical talents, Adam will get a few more zingers in. Things are about to get heavy, so I want to get some more humor in before that. Once the plot was goes full-serious, I don’t believe it will revert.

Man, I really half-assed the third town

Going back and doing general bug-fixing right now. An extra ten minutes of work makes everything more cohesive and work a lot more smoothly. But I still gotta put in the NPCs….